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use multiple whatsapp in one device

Good News for whatsup users now you can use 20 whatsup in single android device

 know More how to do it actually its very simple check out in steps : 

Download the whatsapp from below give link. Install it on your device After completion verify with which ever number you wish to start whatspp okay done. If you need all 20 follow same steps for each of them. Links 

Whatsapp plus +

 Whatsapp plus 2 +2

 Whatsapp plus 3 +3

 Whatsapp plus 4 +4 

 Whatsapp +A 

 Whatsapp +B 

 Whatsapp +D 

 Whatsapp +E 

 Whatsapp +F 

 Whatsapp +G 

 Whatsapp +H 

 Whatsapp +I 

 Whatsapp +K 

 Whatsapp +L 

 Whatsapp +M 

 Whatsapp +N 

 Whatsapp +R 

 Whatsapp +S 

 FM Whatsapp 

 OM Whatsapp

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